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Re-branding is an exciting time and can deliver enormous momentum to a hardworking business. For a new business or product, great branding provides an essential springboard from which to launch.

We can create an identity for your brand that reflects the unique nature, positioning and personality of your business. We create branding that will distinguish you from your competitive environment, accurately represent the products or services that you offer and be appropriate, noticeable and engaging.

And, of course, we can help implement the new or improved branding across all aspects of your business, both internal and external, to ensure consistency of voice and message is achieved.


At Brand House Co we design engaging, functional websites as a centrepiece to all your marketing activity. All our websites are unique and designed with your business needs and personality in mind.

Marketing activity is about leading potential customers to your business. Therefore a website that is professional,  informative, up-to-date, or one which can sell your products is mandatory.

We’ll refresh your old one or create your first. Importantly, they are search engine optimised and fully responsive over all devices.

A website created by Brand House Co will make your business stand out from your competitors.


Having produced marketing plans for many of Australia’s leading companies and their brand portfolios, Brand House Co understands the disciplined processes involved in developing marketing plans and calendars which get results.

Developing a mission statement, setting objectives, analysing the marketplace, strengths and weaknesses and competitive environment is the first step. Setting objectives, forecasting outcomes, creating strategies, budgeting, developing action plans and calendars, examining results is the next.

Brand House Co can lend their experience to the process of producing a thoughtful and carefully constructed marketing plan to build your business.


We believe in the power of great design. Good design triggers a desired response. Design that is well crafted should reflect the unique and distinctive identity and personality of your business and has a sense of place according to where your business operates. At Brand House Co we make an effort to get to know your business and your brand before we even start the design process.

We come with many years of creative design experience and the skills to impart a professional look for your company’s brand identity and marketing suite.

Whether we are designing a logo, website, marketing campaign, advertising or packaging – Brand House Co will create great design which delivers results.


We will find a compelling truth about your brand or product then present it in a distinctive way to your target audience.

Our goal is to produce advertising that builds your brand, sells your products or services, changes a perception or demands a response. Developing effective advertising requires a combination of intelligence and creativity. We’ll create compelling, single-minded propositions and present them in a fresh, distinctive manner.

The experienced team at Brand House Co will help you to successfully drive your business with a well-conceived and crafted creative approach.

they are professional, a pleasure to deal with and their communication is excellent


Brand First

While so much has changed in the media landscape, the approach to creating and building brands has not. We’ll provide a strong brand platform for your business which becomes the basis of the marketing of your business through digital, print, online, outdoor, point of sale or mainstream media.

The Team

With over forty years of combined experience in advertising, marketing, design, fine art, publishing and styling, we bring an unparalleled wealth of experience to the communications of your business, its products, services and benefits.


At Brand House Co you’ll deal with experienced people throughout the whole process and your business will always be afforded the best strategic and creative resources. We have worked with many happy clients and are humbled by their words.