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great brands endure

Great branding is fundamental to the success of a business. The origin of brands of course comes from the need to identify one station’s cattle from another. But today brands have taken on whole lives of their own. Regardless of their place in our lives – be it a friend we love or a necessity we need – great brands endure.

At Brand House Co we understand that every brand is unique, possessing inherent values and characteristics. While so much is changing every day in the way media is consumed, the fundamentals for constructing robust, enduring and successful brands is more important than it ever has been.

We are committed to making your brand unique and enduring too.




We can create an identity for your brand that reflects the unique nature and personality of your business


Engaging, functional, optimised websites as a centrepiece to all your marketing activity is our specialty


A well designed marketing plan drives sales; sales in turn creates revenue. We can help you with a tailored plan that gets you results


We will find a compelling truth about your brand or product then present it in a distinctive way to your target audience


Using an experienced designer who understands your brand will impart the professional look your brand needs


A well-styled photograph can make a great picture even better – don’t leave it to chance to get that lucky shot


building a brand

We believe that strong brands are DESIGNED and built – or renovated – in much the same way as a house is constructed: using discipline, CREATIVITY and craftsmanship.

A solid foundation based on industry expertise, experience, heritage or a creative backstory, provide an essential platform for a brand.

Structure comes from research and analysis of marketplace, category and competitive environment.

It also comes from consumer understanding and INSIGHT, as well as product innovation, development and positioning.

Overarching the foundation and framework of every successful brand is a strong BRAND IDENTITY, vibrant personality and marketing presence. These are translated into selling strategies, single minded propositions and advertising ideas.

No matter what stage your business is at, Brand House Co can help you BUILD A BETTER BRAND.


what we bring

Brand First

While so much has changed in the media landscape, the approach to CREATING & BUILDING BRANDS has not. We provide a strong brand platform for your business.


With over forty years combined experience in advertising, marketing, design, fine art, publishing and styling we bring an unparalleled wealth of EXPERIENCE to the communications of your business, its products, services and benefits.

Personal Service

At Brand House Co you will only ever deal with the partners, ALAN & BRONWYN WOOD. You won’t be passed down to junior, inexperienced managers or creatives; your business will always be resourced by the best strategic and creative resource.

Balanced Approach

Recent studies confirm that a combination of digital and traditional media strategies is the most effective and BALANCED approach to sending out brand and sales-driving messages. At Brand House Co we have it all covered.



We engaged Brand House Co to redesign our website. They were very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Their whole process was very easy to follow, they understood our needs and the completed website is what we were looking for. Their communication is excellent and even though the project is finished they still assist with questions and any changes we require. I would highly recommend Brand House Co to anyone considering a website redesign.