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Women in Business Gympie has been operating since 2009. When new CEO took over she had big plans for the group. The first was a total facelift of their image, including a new logo. The group is a place where like-minded people in the community can share ideas and experiences and support each other. It’s for local business people to develop their skills by engaging in training opportunities, as well as promote themselves, their businesses and community groups. The new logo was to reflect all these things therefore we devised a contemporary and business like logo, in keeping with the future direction for the group. We incorporated the use of abacus beads as a way of representing money and wealth – the outcomes of good business practices – in the colours of gold (wealth), grey (strength) and blue (contemporary and non-gender-biased). The words Women In Business sit among the beads to show that women are an integral and strong part of the community’s business structure. The beads have also been used as an icon throughout the marketing material we have designed for Women In Business Gympie. We also designed a comprehensive website following the themes and colours of the logo.



Women In Business Gympie
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