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Suncoast Gold Macadamias is a growers co-operative who have developed a reputation both in Australia and around the world for the efficiency of its operations, quality of its products and a comprehensive client service. They service Macadamia growers from Atherton Tablelands in the North of QLD through to the Mid North Coast of NSW.

The SGM growers are consistently recognised at industry awards for quality and productivity and their factory utilises the latest in technology to guarantee their customers consistent quality and product of the highest standard.

SGM asked Brand House Co to take a look at the marketing of the SGM brand. After analysing the category in which it sits we chose to inject a rust-tangerine colour into the suite of marketing ads along with a one-word, punchy and to-the-point message designed to catch attention. We have also prepared for them a co-ordinated 2018 Annual Report.

Without departing from the tree design of their existing logo we introduced a tag-line for SGM, a simple but to-the-point message – ‘owned by growers for over 30 years’.


Suncoast Gold Macadamias
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