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“Bronwyn and Alan Wood completed a very big task for the Gympie Show – to redesign our logo and create a new website. The outcome has been so professional and very suited to our needs.  The logo speaks for itself  – Clean, Simple & Modern.  The website is very easy to use with minimal clicking to get where you want to go, and looks great on a smart phone/iPhone.  Again very clean, simple and modern. Thank you Bronwyn and Alan for a great job it has been a pleasure working with you.”

Donna Dodson
Show Secretary  I  Event Co-ordinator
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“I hardly have words to express how wonderful Bronwyn and Alan are! The moment I met them, they understood me and my vision. They weren’t just doing a job, but took the time to know who I was, and what was important to me and my mission. It is rare these days to find people who not only do their jobs beautifully, but also have a heart and want the best for you and your brand. I would recommend both of them, and use them again!”

Abby Wake
Principal, Awake Studio
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“Brand House Communications is a talented marketing team.  It was evident from the beginning this team had a wealth of marketing and design behind them.  However it was the creativity and passion for the task that impressed us most, it was exactly what we where looking for.  They understood our brief and went above and beyond to deliver.  We are thrilled with our branding and logo.”

Mason, Krystal, Kate & Dean Mayne
Owners, Piggy In The Middle
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“I’ve been in the Engineering Business for 30 years and when Bronwyn re-designed my logo recently I was really impressed with the professionalism and appropriate way she was able to represent my industry. She also understood that much of my business is with the Asian market  and was able to work in Chinese fonts which was a bonus. And…she was really fast!”

Mark Maling
Proprietor, Walt-Tech
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