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Walter Technology is a mechanical engineering consultancy specialising in sourcing and designing mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic packaging for the Australian technology industry. We were asked to redesign their logo with an emphasis on it being simple yet technical in look whilst appealing to the Chinese market, as that is where the company sources their manufacturing. We chose to use red – a colour which represents wealth and prosperity to Chinese people – and grey, indicating the industrial nature of the business. We are currently still working with the client to upgrade all aspects of their business; among other projects, their website re-design.

I’ve been in the Engineering Business for 30 years and when Bronwyn re-designed my logo recently I was very impressed with the professionalism and appropriate way she was able to represent my industry. She also understood that much of my business is with the Asian market  and was able to work in Chinese fonts which was a bonus. And…she was really fast!

Mark Maling

Proprietor | Walt-Tech


Walter Technology
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