Novelist William Davies

Via a recommendation we were approached by novelist William Davies to create a website to enable him to publicise his writing works, in particular his latest novel, Molly.

William was not familiar at all with the process and asked that we assist with what to put on his site and how to present himself as a novelist on the web. We were happy to walk him through the process via phone conversations to make sure all was on track.

We designed William a logo which describes his professions as an author and then themed the website’s colours to suit the logo. After getting to know the author and his background we felt the design of this website, with clean white backgrounds, suited him well. The crisp design serves as a perfect backdrop to the drama which unfold in his novels and writings.

As with all our websites, we do not use pre-made templates, but design them completely from scratch utilising the latest web design features available. Writing is a creative industry, therefore designing this website enabled us to express a little more flair than what we would use for an engineering company – such as our design for Industrial Controls Australia  or a consumer focused website as Kenilworth Dairies. We love designing unique websites and we are thrilled William is happy with his.


William Davies
Branding | Website

“It is a rare thing to hit the bull’s eye with the first arrow, a feat I accomplished when you agreed to design my web site.

With a troubled mind, I considered having a site created for my writing, my caution magnified by the mainly less enthusiastic support from friends. Putting aside these misgivings and comments, I plunged into the swirling waters of ignorance.

Having made the commitment, the next hurdle was to select a designer.

With poise and clarity, you swept away my reservations, promptly answered questions, and gave me joy as you tested what to include, what to discard.

The outcome – truly magnificent. A beautifully designed site which has received many involuntary rave comments.

Would I recommend your services to others? Yes, and yes again, and have already done so. Thank you”.

William Davies, 2018