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A good online presence is important for every business today. Nothing is different in the cattle world, given much research into breeding and sales is conducted online. We were asked to design a fresh, new website for Konjuli Droughtmaster Stud in Queensland, to promote their stud and sales and in turn connect with their Social Media presence.

We chose a design and colour theme to match their existing logo and designed the site to reflect the family nature of the business and to highlight the historic aspect of the stud. One aspect we enlist when building a new website is making sure all the photographs are of excellent quality and relevant with the story being told. We often take part in the photographic shoot, styling where necessary, and making sure good images are taken which match with the planned website style. Konjuli owners chose to use a family photographer and we were happy to work with their request

At Brand House one of our services for website building is the writing of all the text. After being supplied us with all relevant information for the site, we crafted the text to create a unique, informative and interesting site – and one which will rank well with SEO. We have also provided Konjuli with a positioning statement about their brand, an outdoor advertising board to be used at sales and a Facebook page.


Konjuli Droughtmaster Stud
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