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Ironhide Droughtmasters

Revitalising a logo is not an uncommon ask. However this company had a name only – they were clean slate needing a new identity! Any designer you ask loves a project such as this.

Brand House Co had been contacted out of the blue from Ironhide Droughtmasters; they had seen our work online and liked what they saw. They asked us to create a new logo for their droughtmaster brand, and given we’ve had a fair bit of experience in the rural industries, it was a job we knew would suit us well.

We tackled the project with little more than a great name, an in-depth phone conversation with the client and a few basic shots of their property. Immediately we loved the name, the way it offered in itself the opportunity to graphically exhibit the strength of the droughtmaster breed. It made sense to us to create a brand that portrayed tough, strong cattle using a bold, chunky font and rich, earthy colours of rusted iron and steely blue/grey.

When you are a cattle farmer you can identify your particular breed very easily. We knew that the droughtmaster breed were known physically for being polled, having many folds down the neck and fairly large, floppy ears. The outline of the beast we hand-drew, sits over – and sometimes ‘hiding’ behind – the words of the logo, easily identifying the droughtmaster breed of cattle from other breeds.

We devised the straight-forward tag-line ‘Bred Tough for all Conditions’ to reiterate the strength of the breed to withstand all manner of conditions which exist across Australia.

Our client was thrilled with the result and now has a logo to use to promote their cattle through Facebook as well as banner advertising for cattle sales.


Ironhide Droughtmasters
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