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For many years Cameron’s Engineering, Fieldings Foundry and P&W Marine have co-existed in their Brisbane workshop. At times collaborating their unique skills to produce precision engineering products, but mostly, delivering their individual product solutions to divergent customer bases. Friends in business, but not quite family.

The quality of the products these companies produce has consistently been of the highest standard, however the look and feel of the brand names, their public façade, had become outdated.

While simply updating the individual logos for each company, particularly given their longevity, presented as the logical, safe option, owner and CEO Ross Cameron identified a greater opportunity for his stable of companies.

Says Ross “Really, our foundry, marine and engineering businesses have so much in common. I really wanted our staff and our customers to recognise this. To see us as the great team that we are. By rebranding our products and services with a refreshing new look that unites our companies, we can embrace the future with a new shared business name and identity, that is every bit as good as the products and services we provide”.

Ross engaged Brand House Co. to find and develop a new brand identity for the group.

It was a factory tour that provided the solution to the new brand name. You see everything that is made from metal starts from an ingot of the particular metal to be employed. “The commonality the three companies shared was obviously metal, and the source of the metal used in manufacturing was an ingot. It was a unique, simple and relevant word. Importantly it is a word that has not been overused, and was available”, says Alan Wood from Brand House Co.

And so, Ingot, is the new unifying brand name for this family of established companies, who have long excelled in the skilled and precision metallurgical industries. Ingot is the parent brand, while Ingot Foundry, Ingot Marine and Ingot Engineering are the sub brands.

Graphically each of the three divisions utilise a different metallic colour. And three little ingots are included in the logo to represent each division.

The Ingot Foundry, Ingot Marine and Ingot Engineering businesses will continue to work independently, and at times in unison, to deliver specialised product and service solutions, to a wide variety of industries both in Australia and abroad.

A new website has been developed to support the businesses with an unparalleled e-commerce platform, to enable on line purchasing of nearly all of the businesses products.

The new branding was unveiled at the 2019 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in May as well as trade press and via social media.


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