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Culture Coach

Culture Coach provides a range of unique, customised workshops to improve the leadership, wellness and quality of communication in the workplace. They support group members to move from varying states of stress, disengagement and burnout to becoming strongly connected, highly productive team members.

Nicola Turschwell is the Culture Coach. With twenty years professional experience in psychotherapy, she effectively engages individuals and groups with a fusion of creative expression and technical knowledge; coaching both leaders and team members to reach their potential in work, leadership and self.

Nicola approached Brand House Co for marketing assistance when she was taking part in a mentoring programme which was helping her navigate through pathways to setting up her new business.

As with all new business ventures, finding the right business name is of vital importance. We wanted to help her find one which accurately reflected the corporate approach to her Art Therapy (her existing business which was more targeted toward individuals).

After work-shopping ideas we suggested ‘Culture Coach’ as a strong business name which rang true to the services she was offering in the business world. From there we re-worked her existing logo (a collection of hands in a circle which was designed for her business – Original Self The Art Of You) and softened it into a palette of greys, blues and green – calming, restful and balanced tones. As Nicola did not want to throw away completely her existing identity, the softened hands have been used in the new Culture Coach logo – and hence became an elemental part of the new business identity.

We then worked with Nicola to create a brand new website – one which explains what Culture Coach offers, including workshop packages and outcomes clients should expect from taking part. The choice of images and colour palette was of great importance, as the feel of the website was to reflect the tone of her business and the calm of her therapies.

Brand House Co had the Culture Coach website live in a matter of weeks and it can be expanded when Nicola brings other counsellors on board as her business expands.


Culture Coach
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