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CGL Beef, producers of grass-fed, organic quality beef, approached BHC to freshen up their branding and modernise their website. We contemporised their logo and included ‘grass’ as part of the imagery – as their beef product’s primary attribute is that it is ‘grass fed’.

We then set to work creating a new website which is easy to navigate and great to look at.

New and relevant images were called for, so we engaged local photographer Leeroy Todd to capture stunning images of the family mustering. Then the Foodography team set to work to make sure the food images were beautiful and most importantly, had ‘appetite appeal’.

The refresh flowed on the CGL Beef social media and email marketing pages. Implementing the fresh, new images, campaigns were devised to reach customers via Facebook and Instagram, all linking back to their website where the sales take place via an E-Commerce platform.


CGL Beef
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It was time for our business to morph into it’s next stage.  That meant a new look and a new online home.

That meant finding people with the skills to make it happen. The knowledge, expertise and attention to detail provided by the Brand House Co and Foodography teams are absolutely first rate.

In business as in life, you don’t know what you don’t know – these people do know. They know how to get those crisp photos. They know how to make the food sing on the plate. They know to get all those gizmos to work on your website.

We’re super pleased with our recently re-branded and re-launched website and highly recommend you chat with these people.

They know.

Karen Jarling | CGL Beef